Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trust is not a crime.. so just be in it.

Why ek? izzit lelaki teruk sgt ke kat mate gurl?
they say they cant trust men, they even cant give men a chance.
oh, cmon. in my entire life. i've seen girl who also doesn't deserve even a bit of loyalty and respect.
as 'low' as they think men can be..

If we ask them, diorang akan cakap. " i'm not one of them.."
Then same goes to men. Not all species who known as men cannot be trust..
If not, why in the world out there.. ramai couple yg end up with happy ending?
Im not emotional..but please girl, do think twice.
Is it all men cant be trust or u keep fail in finding the right man?

And im not try to lifting my dignity watsoever..
but kadang2 tu pelik.. if u cant put trust on men..
Whats the point God gives men to lead a woman??
There must be a real good reason..

Sedangkan nabi kita dulu pun fall because of love/women, 
So is it lelaki or girl yg tak boleh dipercaya?
For those unlucky girl out there..
Its not that i want you to feel guilty or anything.
But no offense, i think you just might have to give another try.
There must be Mr.A for you that still haven't found him.
You dumped? Got cheated? Its okay, just take ur pieces and move on.
More NO bring u closer to YES.
There comes the life must go on words. right?
Last word..
Eat, Pray , Love. (haha curi title movie)
and believe in it..

*To my love,emm.. maybe i dont really need u to trust me. but i do want you to have faith in me. 
I think that's the better way instead of trusting. :)
I heart you  so much. =*

See you soon.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

she you

its been 2 weeks.
and i miss she so crazy.
she's smile, she's laugh, she's stubborn,
everything in she.
yo gurl, hold on.
im here, waiting for she.
she maybe nowhere near, but she shadow
always with me.
yes, she.
kiss & hugg.

Friday, November 12, 2010

A BIG plan is coming soon!

Stay tuned to see how BIG it is.

Which brain-side you on ?

Right Brain vs. Left Brain

This is one of the topics in my Creative Thinking class. For me, this is very interesting one.
Based on what i understand, right brain controls the left side on your body and vice versa.
Also, the right brainer tends to be a creative person, but the left brainer is more to practical person. I did search some facts about this topic, and what i found was our behaviour is closely related to our usage of brain, like 'you are what ur brain side is on'.

Back in school, we tend to favor left-brain modes of thinking while downplays the role of right brain. We were not given much chance to explore our right brain until we explore it ourself. Like me now, right brain is more crucial since involving in Art & Design requires you to think 'out of the box' to be able to speech out your idea in a creative way.

Bear in mind, practice using both of your brain can improve your thinking method. Like thinking of something in a same with others but also trying to look on it in a different perspective. So, the output coming from your brain will be in unique way of yours. There's no cliché thingy happened.

Confused which side of your brain is functioning?

So lets spend a bit of your precious time on this test. I've done it myself and luckily i've been using  both of my brain , except the right brain is more dominant ( which is good for me ). hehe.

Here's the link ------> Brain Test - Which side is functioning?

I want to share my result. This is how it comes out.

 Cool iz'zit? :)

Okay then, good luck having a test.
Last word from me ...
'Be a brainer, Not a thinker'

Rebranding - Part 2

Okay, on this part. I will show u a complete rebranding for my chosen product, NURTEA.

I've given a new color for the design on the packaging. Try to blend in Pink and Purple using gradient tool (which is more feminine color)

For teabag, i've use the vector of the leaf for its shape. And then i put  the logo on it.

If u wish to see the original product of Nurtea. you all can go here.
So, that's it. i looking forward for comments and  feedback. Im still in learning process. 
See you soon then.