Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Born to run

Gareth Bale

'From subs bench to superstar'

I do not own this picture. All credit given to the creator (unknown)

Friday, February 4, 2011

All About Him

25 Facts

Hm i guess i should do it since my name dah kene tag by this girl. So there goes, 25 facts about M.E.

1-- Born in 18 December.
2-- Senang untuk marah, dan senang untuk memaafkan
3-- Quite jealous-type, but still in control
4-- He's straight as ur nose.
5-- Mempunyai mata yang sangat sensitif kepada habuk/bulu
6-- Hidung akan mula gatal bila makan sambal belacan.
7-- He hate butterfly, in fact. he scare of them. :O
8-- Antara orang pelik kat dunia yang tidak suka mkn satay
9-- Pernah demam dan muntah sebab makan satay
10- Believe it or not, he has no basic art langsung waktu di sekolah
11- Tapi sekarang, he's currently on his 2nd year in Graphic Design
12- Found that medical is not in his blood
13- Uitm student, and pernah menjadi msu student
14- Have one wonderful mom and a beautiful family
15- Kadang2 boleh jadi jerk, and kadang2 boleh jadi cool
16- Love to travel, but so far havent go anywhere on his own
17- Can be in front of his pc for several hours
18- He dont do clubbing, drinking and watsoever. but he do smoking
19- Some friends told him that he is alike of jericho rosales. =/
20- Very much love football, favourite teams are Manchester United & Tottenham FC
21- Cant wait to have his own children, trying to be the best dad in the world xD
22- Lost his father 9 years ago, so he doesn't know how exactly to be a good dad
23- Frankly speaking, doesnt seems have a good history about love
24- Lastly, He's not in a relationship.
25- and he's not available.