Saturday, September 25, 2010



Hello people~!

I just updated my blog header, design by myself using PS CS4,
    the old one kinda looks like boring.
Okay, back to anybody that follow and read my blog,
    i am so sorry cuz i really dun hav so much time right now, even for my own blog. so, i cant update it everytime i logging in. no new post, no new pics..
My first semester at Shah Alam is coming to an end, so now it is at the peak.
This is actually the time where i all messed up. dont have enough sleep, not enough eat,
   rush somethings up,feel stressed, storming my brain and put my everything 
   to finished up the final projects on time.
Hopefully everything gonna be okay this time around.


I'll hit back sooner or later. Thanks for reading my blog. God bless you.  

Friday, September 3, 2010

Rebranding - Part 1

This is one of my projects this semester in UiTM. I have chosen NURTEA from NURBEAUTYLINE products to be redesigned. This tea is a herb tea or also we called a medicine tea for women. It is not because of the design is bad,awful or whatsoever, but i just feel this product can have a little bit of improvement in term of product packaging and design.

So, the first part i hav to do is redesign the product logo. The packaging layout, structure and design will be post soon. Since this project is at 40% of its progress at the moment.

This is the actual product - NURTEA

After the few sessions of brainstorming, this is how the ideas came out as a logo.

 *with a few discussions with my lecturer, she actually proceeded the logo at the bottom left side.

Nurtea has given a new logo.

* I give a bit of contemporary design to the logo and yet, still keeping the typeface logo from before. 2 leaf at the top of the letter 't' is a leaf tea contour which i put there because i want to simply visualized what the product is really about.

Emotional September


Hello September!

Time is going really fast these days, at the moment u just feel enjoyed by something u do,but now there goes another one coming. You never realised that fasting season is at the 4th week already. and in a week time, we're gonna have Aidilfitri coming.

Back to the topic, why i say emotional september? because there will be mix emotions lingering around me on this month.

September always remind me of  one of my worst memories. It already been 8 years since it happened, but i still remember a bit of everything about him, none of them is loss. We moved on, we lived on, but u are still the only man that we missed so much, especially her. We just can pray for u. May Allah blessed you with peace and happiness, Abah

Al -Fatihah
Allahyarham Fauzi Bin Awang Kechik