Friday, September 3, 2010

Rebranding - Part 1

This is one of my projects this semester in UiTM. I have chosen NURTEA from NURBEAUTYLINE products to be redesigned. This tea is a herb tea or also we called a medicine tea for women. It is not because of the design is bad,awful or whatsoever, but i just feel this product can have a little bit of improvement in term of product packaging and design.

So, the first part i hav to do is redesign the product logo. The packaging layout, structure and design will be post soon. Since this project is at 40% of its progress at the moment.

This is the actual product - NURTEA

After the few sessions of brainstorming, this is how the ideas came out as a logo.

 *with a few discussions with my lecturer, she actually proceeded the logo at the bottom left side.

Nurtea has given a new logo.

* I give a bit of contemporary design to the logo and yet, still keeping the typeface logo from before. 2 leaf at the top of the letter 't' is a leaf tea contour which i put there because i want to simply visualized what the product is really about.