Friday, September 3, 2010

Emotional September


Hello September!

Time is going really fast these days, at the moment u just feel enjoyed by something u do,but now there goes another one coming. You never realised that fasting season is at the 4th week already. and in a week time, we're gonna have Aidilfitri coming.

Back to the topic, why i say emotional september? because there will be mix emotions lingering around me on this month.

September always remind me of  one of my worst memories. It already been 8 years since it happened, but i still remember a bit of everything about him, none of them is loss. We moved on, we lived on, but u are still the only man that we missed so much, especially her. We just can pray for u. May Allah blessed you with peace and happiness, Abah

Al -Fatihah
Allahyarham Fauzi Bin Awang Kechik