Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Here & There

A while since im writing, so this is like my new post for the past 7months, 
and  i guess. a lot have happened and change from 
the way it shud be. Firstly, im gonna talk about me being employed. 
yeah, its the first time and 
I think I got lucky because my work have become good 
with my boss and office mates all of them just being great. 
That means no pressure for me especially as 1st timer. and i like my job. 

What is my post? im a Junior Graphic designer . 
the work is simple enough, 
designing cloth and accessories for kids. 
To make it sound more fun, my design is gonna hit market soon enuf. Wheww.

                   Enough with job talks. i think there have been a lot that i missed since i start working.
I never read books, 
I never go for movies, and i never even have a date! 
haha. im okay with that. guess my life is just starting. many will come. Last thing
I think i wanna start savings for my future marriage. ;p

 Well, Have a blast everybody!