Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Turning 21

Hello peeps!
How you've been? 
Today is the 1st of December, final month of 2010.
and yes, im turning to twentyone on this 18th.
idk what's going on in my mind, but when i look at my pic back at i was 5 years old
I feel like time has gone too fast. Sekelip mata je aku dah tua. hmm..
yesterday it was childhood memories, and now comes the important part of my life 
sudah kena mula serious in everyhing i do. huhu.
sometimes its also good to wonder..
what happenend to me in next 10 years..?
is it my life gonna be easy? im gonna finished my studies? can i further my studies ? what job i would be in? can i help my family? do i have a family of my own? its a hell lot of a question.
Well, whatever it is. Im truly grateful to have such a wonderful family right now. we laughed, we cried, and we shared everything together. they are still the best in my life. And i'm glad to have someone like her, always make me smile inside out.
That's it for today.
See you soon, MEF. :)