Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let's Start Over

Been a while since i have post something here. found nothing to brag until today.
First of others, a big gratitude for me as Malaysian as my country finally win the AFF Suzuki Cup.
I cant even remember the last time they were lifting trophy, anyway what a great improvement.

*perhaps, a well-build new squad. not as i've seen b4.

Anyway, let it be a new kick-start for us. not only for football. but to our life as well.

Yeah, its been damn hard 2 months i've recently havin. There is ups and downs here and there.
I couldn't do anymore better rather than try to live with it. 
Taking those bad thing as advice and the good as impetus.

Somehow, new year is coming. so is my new semester
begin on January 3rd. 
Its a good sign to start over. Reaching those dreams of yours.
Just keep faith in Allah, as God will always be with his humble creation.
So dont try so hard to be a jerk. stay under the radar and playsafe. that's all

oh, and not to forget.
Happy New Year of 2011! 

*thx for reading for blog, and for those who followed.
*** thinking to sell my laptop and exchange it with some DSLR. hm,anyone?